How to Setup Office 365 Email on iPhone?

Whether you’re a one-man shop, or an employee in a company that’s moving to Office 365, you must setup Office 365 on iphone. Even if you take a job with an employer who uses Office 365, you must have an existing Office 365 email account to setup Office 365 email on iPhone 8.

Office 365 on iphone

However, it depends on your organization’s IT security policies but for first-time users, you must register Office account on any iPhone version such as setup Office 365 email on iPhone 8.

Why do you need to setup Office 365 email on iPhone 8 or iPad?

Setup Office 365 email on your iPhone 8 or other iOS devices, you can use Office mobile apps from anywhere. You can share documents, access business data, add or remove services, etc. Just sign in to your personal Office 365 account, or Office 365 School or work account, and setup Office 365 on iPhone. If you’ve purchase a valid Office 365 subscription, you can access additional features on your iPhone 6 and iPad.

To watch all steps to setup office 365 email on iPhone click here

Steps to Install and Setup Office 365 on iPhone

  1. Double-click on any Office app like Word to execute it
  2. Go to “Sign in” tab and click to sign in your Office 365 account, or school or work account if available
  3. If you’re using Office 2016 or Office 2019 versions, then you will get the option to upgrade to Office 365 when you sign in
  4. If you do not have any existing Office account, then tap on “Sign up” and enter your credentials to create a new account
    • In case, you don’t want an upgrade, you can choose to withdraw a plan. Just click “May be Later” tab and follow the instructions to use the app without a subscription
    • However, you will get the option to setup Office 365 on iPhone to access additional features
  5. In the next step, tap “Yes” or “No” to allow office 365 to improve your Office experience
  6. Tap “Turn on Notifications” button to allow Office 365 enable alerts, or click “Not Now” to opt out.
  7. Tap “Create and Edit” to start working on Word documents
  8. Tap “Open” and then go to “Add a place” button to add another account or cloud-services such as OneDrive or Dropbox.
  9. Scroll down and select any Cloud service that want to add
  10. Enter the credentials that you use to sign in to access that service

Please note: Once you sign in, you will get you Office 365 account automatically added to other Office apps installed on your device.

How to manually Setup Office 365 on iPhone and iPad?

  1. From the Home screen of your iPhone device and go to the “Settings” icon
  2. Go to “Accounts” and Password”
  3. Tap “Add Account”
  4. Click “Exchange”
  5. Enter your username and password along with a brief description
  6. Click “Next”
  7. Choose the cloud-services you want to Setup Office 365 on iPhone and then tap “Save”

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